GV FORMEN s.r.o.

Based on these excellent results at BV Plast s.r.o. we have decided to establish a separate company GV FORMEN s.r.o., which specializes in nanotechnology and innovation in the plastics and composites industry. It is not just a protective layer of molds, but also the use of protective layers for the products themselves (horse trailers, caravans, boats, construction industry, etc.) that create a shield against external influences.

Our products have the following features and benefits:

The protective nanocoatings

On the surface of the composite where was formed from the reactions between Si and oxygen. These oxides remain on the coating and act as a barrier layer. The thickness of the oxide layer was determined from an XPS depth profile based on the oxygen percentage detected. The characteristics of indicate that this material possesses excellent properties for tribological applications.

What are the expenses?

There are two important variables in calculations - price of the material and price of the work.

1.) Applied material price: GV Nano Coating + wax, auxiliary materials

2.) Practice of application and regular renewal of the mold (here we can get to big differences due to different value of the work, so we used the rate € 15,- / hour for our calculation)

Example - polished form 10m²

Basic application

1.) a. Consumption of GV Nano Coating 1m² € 1,8 - 2,2
  b. Cleaner, 2x Wax, auxiliary materials 1m² € 1,-
  Total material 1m² € 3,2
  Total material 10m² € 32,-
2.) Work 6 hours 10m² € 90,-
  Total mold preparation 10m² € 122,-

1st restoration of the mold (repas)

1. Only polishing of the mold and application 2x Wax 1m² € 0,8
  10m² € 8,-
2. Work 2,5 hours 10m² € 37,5
Total first renewal of mold 10m² € 45,5

2nd restoration of the mold (repas)

1. Only polishing of the mold application 2x Wax 1m² € 0,8
  10m² € 8,-
2. Work 2,5 hours 10m² € 37,5
Total second renewal of mold 10m² € 45,5


MOLD 10m² Time (hours) 15,-€/hour Material(€) Pcs of demolding products Area (m²)
1. Basic application 6 90 32,- 90-100 900-1000
2. 1st restoration of the mold (repas) 2,5 37,5 8,- 70-80 700-800
3. 2nd restoration of the mold (repas) 2,5 37,5 8,- 70-80 700-800
TOTAL COSTS   € 213,-   Av. 245 pcs Av. 2450m²
4. total 11 165,- 48,- 230-260 2300-2600

Cost for 1 piece, resp. 1m² of demolding product:

  1pc (10m²) 1m²
Material € 0,2 € 0,02
Work € 0,67 € 0,067
TOTAL € 0,87 € 0,087


It is obvious that this is a very advantageous application in the manufacture of composites. In the calculation, we only calculated verified numbers of demolding pieces. Currently, there is a 4th series in process in which 50 more pieces have been produced so far that have an effect on next lowering of total costs.

Another great benefit is the significantly longer life time of molds, which we do not mention here because we did not have to solve this problem during the use of GV Nano Coating.

BV Plast

BV Plastics is a production company engaged in the processing of reinforced plastics, mainly with a focus on glossy surfaces. The main article is the production of bodies for horse trailers for best European manufacturers. The emphasis on these products is high gloss and high quality surfaces. We can say that the products should be closer to classic car models.

For your information, BV Plast processes about 1000 tons of raw material per year, and 96% of this ammount is intended for these design products.

Of course, the quality of the mold and its stability are decisive for successful production. I do not want to mention the molds here. Every GFK manufacturing company has its favorite materials and suppliers of mold making systems, however, it is always necessary to follow the correct procedures and processing principles.

Another significant step is the correct application of separators, thein durability and stability. With this problem we have been struggling for many years in the production of our products, many products are made in black and as we all know, this color will not forgive anything. There was a bloating of surfaces (dairy), frequent mold cleaning and re-separation. These operations are consuming materials (cleaners, fillers, waxes, etc.), but above all, it is a time-consuming work that requires an experienced worker.

We turned to many specialized companies on repase agents separating matter. I do not want to name them here, but the result that would move us somewhere did not come, and it cost us a lot of power, time and resources. It could be said that we had to concede that this state is unchanging and that we must continue to clean molds at short intervals.

Once we have read about the application of nanotechnology and its wide use in various fields and the excellent scientific achievements of the Technical University of Liberec in the Czech Republic. We approached this scientific workplace with our problem, namely prof. Ing. Petr Louda, CSc., Head of the Department of Materials, who placed our request in university research. What was our surprise when, after several weeks prof. Louda and his team developed protective nano coating for mold surfaces.

But even more surprising was the result. After application to the mold, the maintenance interval of molds from several pieces of demolding was extended to dozens of pieces in top quality. We were interested in the service life of GV Nano Coating. After months of mass production, we have found interesting findings with GV Nano Coating.

1. Series 90 – 100 pcs (GV Nano Coating + 2 Wax)
2. Series 70 – 80 pcs (polishing + 2x Wax, GV Nano Coating stays on the mold)
3. Series 70 – 80 pcs (polishing + 2x Wax, GV Nano Coating stays on the mold)
TOTAL 230 – 260 pcs
4. Series is currently in the process

This test was performed on 30 pieces of molds for ca 1.5 years and the values are averaged. We can say that from the application of GV Nano Coating, our big problem has been solved and, of course, has brought a lot of financial savings.

We would like to thank prof. Louda and his colleagues for a great job, and we can be glad that these people pass on the knowledge to university students.

Pavel Volák
CEO of BV Plast s.r.o.



prof. Petr Louda
R & D director
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Sales director
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